Rabobank presents study on seafood supply chain at ASIA PACIFIC AQUACULTURE CONFERENCE

SURABAYA, 27 APRIL 2016 - Rabobank presented a study on seafood processors in the supply chain at the Asia Pacific Aquaculture Conference in Surabaya on April 27. The “Seafood processors looking for control in supply chain” study was presented to participant seminars at the conference.

Hans Loth, Rabobank Indonesia Director Strategy and Business Change, says that globally Rabobank, based in the Netherlands, is a world leader in food and agribusiness banking. “We are pleased to share our knowledge on the aquaculture supply chain which can support our customers and entrepreneurs in the aquaculture business in making business decisions. We also hope that this study will contribute in the government’s programs and policies on aquaculture.Rabobank is a global leader in financing the food and agribusiness sector where we have accumulated 118 years of experience in financing this sector.

Seafood is the world’s most traded animal protein. Production predominantly takes place in developing countries while consumption in developed countries. In terms of value, Indonesia in in the top 10 seafood exporting countries with exports of around US$ 3 billion in 2014. The top seafood producers in Indonesia are South Sulawesi (21.6%), NTT 13/7%), Central Sulawesi (8.5%), and East Java (7.3%)
The top 3 seafood exporters are China, Norway and Thailand. The top 3 seafood importers are the EU, USA, and Japan.

In a more connected world, more transparency is a result as well as an end goal. Lian Heinus Rabobank Food & Agribusiness and Advisory Aquaculture analyst who presented “Seafood processors looking for control in supply chain” said that consumers have become more aware of where and how products are made and require certain standards. “In a world of transparency consumers have become more aware of the product origins and production. This leads to demand for traceability and puts pressure on processing companies that source from small producers. However, Indonesia has showed very good progress where certified fish farms have grown from around 100 in 2009 to nearly 2800 in 2013”.

Hans Loth also explained about Banking for Food, Rabobank’s global vision to play an active role in addressing the Indonesian and world challenge to provide enough food for a growing population sustainably with limited resources. “Indonesia’s population is projected to grow from 255 million today to around 360 million in 2050. With the Banking for Food vision, Rabobank Indonesia will contribute to food security by providing access to finance, access to food and agribusiness knowledge, and access Rabobank’s network in 41 countries”, he says.

East Java is an important market for Rabobank Indonesia. Jopie Jusuf, Director Business Banking says ”Surabaya and East Java are a very important market for Rabobank Indonesia who has branches in Surabaya and Malang. The East Java province accounts for 14% of the national GDP and has the second largest GDP after Jakarta. Food and agribusiness is the largest GDP contributor (20.79%) followed by manufacturing (16.85%) and wholesale and retailing (15.5%). East Java is one of the largest producers in Indonesia for rice (17.5%), corn (30.2%), sugar cane (48.9%), and also has the largest number of dairy cows (49%)”.

Rabobank Indonesia can finance the entire food and agribusiness supply chain from farm to fork because of the different business units to cater for all segments: Wholesale Banking for large corporations, Business Banking to finance small and medium-sized enterprises, and Rabobank Foundation which provides access to finance to farmer members of cooperatives.

Rabobank Indonesia aspires to become the leading food and agribusiness bank in Indonesia. The food and agribusiness growth strategy has the full support of Rabobank Group, Rabobank Indonesia’s parent company in the Netherlands, which has injected US35 million capital in May 2015 and USD26 million capital in February 2016.

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