Rabobank Indonesia Seminar: Food & Agribusiness Success 2016

Jakarta, December 1, 2015 – Rabobank Indonesia hosted the seminar “Kiat Sukses Food & Agribusiness 2016” (Food & Agribusiness Success 2016) on December 1, 2015 in Jakarta. This seminar was attended by 250 Rabobank Indonesia clients and by national and regional media representatives.

Martyn H. Schouten, President Director of Rabobank Indonesia said that Rabobank is globally recognised as a leading Food & Agribusiness bank. “Rabobank is a leading Food & Agribusiness bank because of its expertise and experience in financing this sector for the last 120 years”. “The seminar provides access to knowledge in line with Banking for Food, the global vision of Rabobank on addressing the world challenge to supply enough food for a growing population by providing access to finance, access to knowledge, and access to the Rabobank network in 41 countries”.

In 2050 the world population is expected to grow from 7 billion to 9 billion and the world will be challenged to provide enough food sustainably for a growing population on declining erable land.

There will be three speakers in this seminar, namely, Mr Anton Gunawan, a wellknown economist, Mr. Haris F. Rahmanto, an Analyst of Rabobank Indonesia Food & Agribusiness, and Mr. Aloysius Adji Watono, the founder and the owner of Dwisapta Group, one of the largest Indonesian communications agencies.

“In the past 10 years, there has been a significant change in food consumption patterns in Indonesia, especially in the variety of foods consumed, shopping habits, and dining culture,” said Haris F. Rahmanto. “The shift in the consumption pattern corelates with higher income, technology, and globalization, which triggers the demand for more food and higher quality food,” he added.

Jopie Jusuf, Director of Business Banking of Rabobank Indonesia said that changes in consumption patterns create business opportunities. “The change in consumption patterns creates many opportunities in food and agribusiness. In this seminar Rabobank Indonesia provides customers with the economic outlook, unveils business opportunities, and advices on how to succeed in the Food & Agribusiness.

Rabobank Indonesia conducts annual seminars to present its economic view and research on consumer trends and key commodities conducted by Rabobank Group FAR (Food &Agribusiness Research and Advisory) which has more than 80 analysts worldwide, including Indonesia.

Rabobank Indonesia is prepared for accelerated growth, and aims to be the leading food and agribusiness bank in Indonesia. Its strategy is to focus on the food and agribusiness sector in growing its franchise. This strategy has the full support of Rabobank Group which has its headquarters in the Netherlands, and has injected USD35 million capital in the second quarter of this year.