Rabobank Indonesia and KPBS provide cooling tanks for dairy farmers

Jakarta, September 17, 2015 - Rabobank Indonesia and KPBS (Koperasi Peternakan Bandung Selatan) signed an agreement to finance six automated cooling tanks for dairy farmer members of KPBS in Pangalengan, Bandung Regency, West Java.

The signing was conducted at the KPBS office in Pangalaengan between Rabobank Indonesia Director of Business Banking Jopie Jusuf and Head of KPBS Aun Gunawan.

Jopie Jusuf said that Rabobank Indonesia aims to support KPBS dairy farmers to improve milk quality. “By providing KPBS with access to finance in purchasing six cooling tanks for the Automated Milk Collection Points, we aim to contribute to KPBS dairy farmer efforts to continuously improve milk quality”, he said. “This is part of Rabobank Indonesia’s strategy to focus on the food and agribusiness sector and Rabobank’s global vision of Banking for Food to help address the world’s challenge of providing enough food for a growing population”, he added further.

Early this year Rabobank Indonesia has reaffirmed its strategy for accelerated growth by focusing on the food and agribusiness sector which is a key sector in Indonesia. This strategy has the full support of Rabobank Group, Rabobank Indonesia’s parent company based in the Netherlands, which has injected USD35 million capital in May 2015.

The six computerized cooling tanks will be an important part of three Automated Milk Collection Points which are currently under construction. Head of KPBS Aun Gunawan says, “The Automated Milk Collection Point is an innovation and breakthrough in milk collection for our cooperative members. Direct benefits to our dairy farmer members is a higher income due to better milk quality”.

Banking for Food and focus on the food and agribusiness sector

In 2050, the world population is expected to reach 9 billion; which is 2 billion more that today’s population. As a result, the world will have the global challenge of providing enough food for a growing population with limited resources. Banking for Food is Rabobank Group’s global vision to address this challenge by providing access to finance, access to knowledge, and access to Rabobank’s network in 41 countries.

Jopie Jusuf explains Rabobank Indonesia’s growth strategy which focuses on food and agribusiness and Rabobank Indonesia’s wide-ranging scope of food and agribusiness. “To Rabobank Indonesia, the food and agribusiness sector is not limited to food and agriculture companies. Rabobank Indonesia finances the entire food and agribusiness supply chain from farm to fork”, he said.

If we take the dairy supply chain for example, Rabobank Indonesia can finance the milk cooling tanks, cattle feed providers, cattle, milk processing plants, dairy product manufacturers, transportation companies, packaging companies, as well as the distributors and supermarkets that sell the milk and dairy products. Since the bank finances the entire food and agribusiness supply chain, Rabobank Indonesia customers come from various sectors.