Update your browser and operating system

Dear Rabobank Indonesia Customer,

Thank you for your patronage of Rabo Online Internet Banking.

In line with Rabobank Indonesia’s commitment for continuous improvement in customer security when using Rabo Online Internet Banking service, we inform you that effective November 1, 2018, Rabo Online Internet Banking service will be accessible only through following browsers& operating systems which support TLS 1.2.

What is TLS?

TLS is protocol which ensures the security of communication between computers or mobile devices with Rabo Online servers.

TLS is responsible for implementing privacy and integrity when data is sent via the Internet.

Rabobank uses TLS to protect your data and transactions when you use Rabo Online


What's new on 1 November 2018?

Starting 1 Nov 2018, your operating system and web browser must be compatible with TLS version 1.2 so that you can still access Rabo Online. If your operating system and browser do not support TLS version 1.2 starting November 1, 2018, you cannot access Rabo Online. Instead, you will see the message "Error 404".

What are the operating systems and web browsers that support TLS 1.2?

Here are the operating systems and web browsers that support TLS 1.2:


Minimum Operating Sytsem


Android 4.4


OS X 10.8.5

Desktop PC

Windows 7





Minimum Version



Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox




What should I do?

Before 1 November 2018

Update your operating system and the web browser. If needed, immediately coordinate with your company's IT team if you use Rabo Online Business or by updating it directly from the website of your browser and operating system providers if you who use Rabo Online Personal.


Starting 1 November 2018

Make clear cache and cookies on the web browser one time when you will again access Rabo Online.

Please update your browser and operating system to continue using Rabo Online Internet Banking service.

If you have further questions related to this matter, please contact 24-hour Rabo Access Center service at 1500080 from your telephone or mobile phone.


Rabobank Indonesia