Rabobank Indonesia Banking Services Update

Dear Valued Customer,

Referring to the information that has been conveyed earlier, Rabobank Indonesia will reduce it's banking services in phases, herewith we inform you more details in regard to this matter:

Services that will be served until the last day date of 28 June 2019:
1. Payroll Service
2. SWIFT MT940/942 Service
3. Doorstep Banking Service
4. Standing Instruction Service
5. L/C or SKBDN Advising and Safekeeping Service
6. Export and Import Bill for Collection (With or Without L/C or SKBDN )
7. Tabungan Mantap Top Up Balance Service
8. Gamma Point Top Up Service
9. Bill Payment Service (through ATM, Internet Banking, and Rabobank Indonesia Branches)
10. Recurring Scheduled Transaction Service
11. Tax Services through Branch ends June 28, 2019 at 15.00 WIB (Note: Special Tax Services through Internet Banking and ATM ends June 27, 2019)
12. Autodebet Service
13. SMS and Email Alert Service

Services that will be served until the last day date of 31 October 2019:
1. Letter of Credit Issuance and Amendment Service, including L/C or SKBDN Transfer (L/C expiry date +  L/C Tenor must not exceed 31 October 2019)
2. Bank Guarantee or SBLC Issuance Service (Bank Guarantee or SBLC expiry date +  Bank Guarantee or SBLC Claim Period)
3. Export Bill Negotiation and Discounting under L/C or SKBDN

Services that will be served until the last day date of 31 December 2019:
1. Email Indemnity Service
2. Free Format Service
3. Publishing and Changing L/C or SKBDN Services (Including L/C or SKBDN Transfer)
4. Publishing and Changing of Bank Guarantee or SLBC
5. Export Billing Financing with L/C or SKBDN (NWE) - Diskonto/Discount Trade
6. Trade Financing (TR, PBSC/AR Financing -Supply Chain With Recourse)
7. ATM Services
8. Debit card/ATM Card Service
9. Internet Banking Services
10. ATM Bersama/ATM Prima/Kliring (SKN/RTGS)/SWIFT Transaction Services

More detail in regards to this matter can be acquired at the nearest Branch Office/Sub-Branch Offices closest to you, or through Rabo Access Center 1500080

Best regards,

Rabobank Indonesia