Other Services

We offer a range of products to fulfill your needs. Our products include Auto Debit, Payroll, Safe Deposit Box, and Tax Payment Services.

Auto Debet

We understand that time is money when it comes to business. So spend a few minutes to complete the Auto-Debit Form and you can forget the long queues to settle you bills.

Our Auto-Debit facility will take care of your monthly bills which include phone, mobile phone, electricity, internet, and other bills.

The payment process will be done on time and payment records will be reported.

Foreign Exchange Service

  • Bank notes
    We buy and sell bank notes at competitive exchange rates.
  • Bank draft
    We offer bank drafts and checks in certain currencies for your business transactions.
  • Traveller’s checks
    We offer traveler’s checks in certain foreign currencies for the convenience and security of your travel.
  • Cash letter / Collection
    Overseas collection of drafts and checks through Rabobank Indonesia at competitive rates.
  • Foreign exchange transactions
    We provide the foreign exchange transaction services:

    Foreign exchange buying/selling at SPOT rate. 

    Foreign exchange buying/selling using a forward contract to hedge your transaction position. 

    The swap of two foreign currencies based on an agreed contract to fulfill your current needs.

Safe Deposit Box

Rabobank provides competitive limit and fees for Safe Deposit Box.

View the limits and fees for Safe Deposit Box.

Type Size (cm) Average Balance (Rp) Rental Fee (Rp) Guarantee Money (Rp)
Alpha (Small) 7.5 x 25.50 x 61 ≥ 100 Mio 300.000 800.000
< 100 Mio 1 Mio 800.000
Beta (Medium) 13 x 25.50 x 61 ≥ 150 Mio 350.000 800.000
< 150 Mio 1.5 Mio 800.000
Gamma (Large) 26 x 25.50 x 61 ≥ 250 Mio 500.000 800.000
< 550 Mio 2.5 Mio 800.000