SME & Commercial Banking

It is our priority to support you in growing your business and achieving the financial goals.

Rabobank Indonesia’s loan products able to help you seize business opportunities and achieve your business objectives. Besides loan product, our services can also help you in your export and import related transactions.

Our loan products are designed to help you in growing your business or fulfilling personal needs:

  • Competitive product range.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Fast and convenience process.
  • Professional and experienced staff to advise you for solutions.

The financing facilities that can be utilized by SME and Commercial debtors are:

  1. Working Capital Loan
    The financing facility used for working capital based on the business cycle of the debtor, usually the deadline of the loan, short term (not more than 1 year).
  2. Investment Loan
    Financing facilities used to finance investment projects, business expansion and others. Usually the loan term is long term (more than 1 year).
  3. Export – Import facility (L/C) and Bank Guarantee 

    Letter of Credit 
    Financial instruments are issued, generally by the bank to a person or company in which the bank replaces the credit status for an individual or corporation.

    Bank Guarantee 
    Commitment from the bank to pay, as a separate and independent liability, a certain amount of money to Beneficiary, if the client fails to meet its payments or obligations.