Rabo Online Business

Rabo Online Business is an internet banking service for Corporate Client that provides comfort and ease in controlling all accounts and conduct transactions securely anytime and anywhere.

Why Rabo Online Business?

  • Flexibility in managing financial portfolio.
    • Managing business account and loan account activities in multiple companies simultaneously.
    • Free of charge of account transactions history up to the last 90 days and e-statements for the last 12 months.
    • Easy monitoring of cheque/giro.

  • Convenience of performing business transactions.
    • You can freely determine the nominal transaction limit according to business needs.
    • Funds transfer in Rupiah or foreign currency to one or multiple accounts in Rabobank or other banks with single authorization.

  • Hassle-free bill payments and tickets or voucher purchase.
    • Water utility bill.
    • Postpaid cellphone bill.
    • Telkom and Speedy bill.
    • Paid TV bill.
    • Credit card bill.
    • Train ticket.
    • Prepaid cellphone voucher purchase.

  • Payroll service.
    • Ensure the payment of your employees’ salary on time with an easier way.
    • Provide a variety of transfer methods.

  • High level security protects online banking activities.
    • Integrated and secure platform, provides security and convenience in making financial transactions.
    • Dual factor authentication with a password that is only known by you and the security code of a token owned. 3. Latest encryption technology in the financial industry (Transport Layer Security – 256 bit SSL certificate).

  • Tax Payment service.
    Automatically connected to Modul Penerimaan Negara Generasi Kedua (MPN G2) which will simplify your tax payment. Enter the ID Billing on “Tax Payment” feature to perform your tax payment.