Cash Management

Rabobank offers solution to accommodate all of your financial obligation in a timely manner, accurate and efficient. Managing cash flow effectively is one of the keys to company’s success.

Payable and Receivable Management

Payable Management

Rabobank understands your business needs and smooth running of your business.

  1. Fund transfer in Rupiah (overbooking) and domestic SKN, RTGS, online via ATM Prima.
  2. Fund transfer in foreign currency (SWIFT) with competitive exchange rate.
  3. Corporate payroll.
  4. Bulk payment overbooking & domestic.
  5. Cheque book.
  6. Cash and document delivery through appointed competent vendor.
  7. Auto debit bill payments.
  8. Cash withdrawal in all Rabobank Indonesia branches.
  9. Payment of state revenues (MPN G2).

Receivable management

Perfect solution to manage your company’s revenue.

  1. Cash deposit at Rabobank Indonesia branches.
  2. Incoming Domestic transaction (SKN, RTGS, online via ATM Prima).
  3. Incoming Remittance transaction (SWIFT).
Accounts and Liability Management

Rabobank provides solution for your company’s cash flow which can support the smooth running of the business which has a very active financial transaction.

1. Current Account

Transactional account for both of the company and individual are available in various currency to support the smoothness of your business.

Your account activity can be monitored in 24 hours through Rabo Online Business. The account statement are available in various format ie. Account Statement, e-Statement and MT940/942.

2. Time Deposit

Time deposit with the most complete and competitive interest rate in Rupiah/foreign currency with various terms with the right selection for your investment.

  • Ease investment with various terms of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • - Deposit service can be accessed through Rabo Online Business. - Terms renewal with two types: Automatic Roll Over and Non Automatic Roll Over.

3. Account Sweeping

Ease to control and maximize account portfolio profitability by automating the process of concentrating and distributing funds.

4. SWIFT MT940/942

  • SWIFT MT940
    One of Rabobank service that provides transfer inquiry and account balance report with SWIFT format which will be send regularly at the end of the day as follow:

    • Daily business days.
    • Weekly business days.
    • Monthly business days.
  • SWIFT MT942
    • Rabobank service that provides transfer mutation and account balance with SWIFT format which will be send regularly or adhoc (upon Customer’s request).
Delivery Channel & Client Service

Own the flexibility to perform banking activities 24-hour a day through Rabo Online Business, Rabo Access Center and e-Statement.

Rabo Online Business

Internet banking service that provides access to all accounts and various type of transaction available at

  • Flexibility in managing financial portfolios from one or several companies at once only with one username and token.
  • Access to last 90 days account statement and ease of downloading the statement in MS Excel format.
  • Flexibility in implementing approval policy in accordance to the business needs, including sequential and parallel approval.
  • Flexible account access and transaction limit setup to support the segregation of duty and business activity requirement applicable in the company.
  • Transfer funds in Rupiah and foreign currency either to one or several accounts at once with a single authorization as well as the flexibility to schedule the transactions.
  • Free email notification to fund transfer beneficiaries (beneficiary advice) that is automatically sent when transaction has been processed.
  • Flexibility in implementing and scheduling payroll execution without account balance hold and with lower fees.
  • The ability to perform state revenue payment using MPN G2 system as well as payment of various types of bills (water, phone, train tickets, paid TV, credit cards).
  • Ease to control and maximize account portfolio profitability by automating the process of concentrating and distributing funds.

Rabo Access Center

24-hour electronic banking service that can be accessed by phone both from Indonesia and abroad through 1500080 or +62 21 1500080.

  • Account information (account balance and last 90 days account statement).
  • Exchange rate of currencies available in Rabobank Indonesia
  • Product & promotional program information.
  • Customer complain handling.