Rabo WorldPass

Get it now, the Rabo WorldPass GPN is a debit and ATM card that can be used in more than 300.000 ATMs in ATM Bersama and PRIMA network. With all the convenience you can easily do transactions and get the access to your account for 24 hours per 7 days a week. Replace your existing Rabo Worldpass card with Rabo Worldpass GPN start on 5 July 2018 at nearest Rabobank Indonesia branches.

Another benefit of Rabo WorldPass Debit card can be used for the purchase of transaction through more than 1 million merchants using EDC machine with GPN Logo.

Fund Transfer through ATM Bersama and PRIMA network would be proceed in real-time.

How to Fund Transfer to another bank in Indonesia in real-time through ATM:

  1. Insert your Rabo WorldPass into the ATM slot
  2. Choose language: English or Bahasa Indonesia
  3. Enter 6 digit PIN
  4. Select “Other Transaction”
  5. Select “Transfer”
  6. Select “Other Bank’
  7. Enter the 3 digit Destination Bank Code + Destination Account Number; for example: 0141234567890
    - 014 is the 3 digit Destination Bank Code
    - 1234567890 is the Destination Account Number
  8. Enter the amount to be transferred, for example: IDR 1,000,000
  9. Select account: Savings/Checking/Credit Card
  10. Information on the Destination Account will be displayed
  11. If the information is correct, select “CORRECT” to continue the transaction
  12. Keep your receipt as proof that your transaction is valid

Security tips

Rabobank Indonesia is committed to provide security for customer’s transaction at Rabobank Indonesia ATMs. Our ATMs have anit-skimming devices and latest chip technologies to prevent customer data skimming. All ATMs in our branches are monitored by CCTV’s and supervised by security guards.

A few tips on ATM transactions
  1. Once you receive your Rabo WorldPass (ATM) card, please sign on the reverse side and keep the card in a safe place
  2. Never disclose your PIN to anyone and avoid writing it down
  3. Change your PIN regularly
  4. Never use a PIN which is easy to guess, for example: Your birthday
  5. Cover your fingers when entering your PIN
  6. Keep your ATM receipts and check your balance regularly
  7. During emergency, you can use your secondary PIN. Transactions using your secondary PIN will be considered ‘insufficient balance’ transactions
  8. Please contact our 24-hour Rabo Access Center at 1500080 if you find any suspicious transactions