Privacy Statement

Rabobank Indonesia process personal data. We wish to inform you about this clearly and transparently. This privacy statement will answer your most important questions about the processing of personal data by Rabobank.

In this privacy statement we will use certain terms. Below is an explanation of those terms:

  • Personal data:
    Data that directly or indirectly describe someone's identity, such as name, address, including your income.
  • Processing:
    Any acts that can be performed in relation to personal data. These may include collection, but also storage, use and removal of your data from our records.

1. Whose personal data are processed by Rabobank?

We process personal data of persons with whom we have, wish to have, or used to have, a direct or indirect relationship. These may include personal data of:

  • Clients and its representatives;
  • Persons who show an interest in our products and services;
  • Persons who are associated with a business or organisation with which we have, wish to have, or used to have, a relationship.

Please note:

If your business or organisation provides us with personal data of employees, you are under the obligation to inform your employees thereof. You may provide them with this privacy statement, so that your employees can see how we treat their personal data.

To protect your interests as well as our own, we may process personal data of third parties. We may do so, for example, for purposes of fraud control.

2. Who is responsible for the processing of my personal data?

All the divisions that exist in Indonesia Rabobank process personal data. If you want to know the party responsible for the processing of your personal data, please contact the relevant division that has a business relationship with you.

3. For what purposes does Rabobank process personal data?

We process personal data for multiple purposes as follows:

To be able to enter into a relationship with you

If you wish to become a Rabobank client, or if you wish to purchase a new product or a new service, we will require personal data. For example, we will have to carry out an investigation to review whether we can accept you as a client, or whether we can provide you with a loan. To that end, we can also use data about you that we receive from others.

To maintain the relationship with you and to execute orders

If you are a Rabobank client, we want to provide you with quality service. For that purpose, we process personal data. We can make (audio, video and chat) recordings for the purpose of providing evidence, combating criminal activities and monitoring quality. We will use your name and address details, for example, to maintain contacts with you. We may also disclose your name to others, e.g. in the context of payment transactions.

To protect your interests as well as our own

To protect your interests as well as our own and the security and integrity of the financial sector, we may process personal data. For instance, to combat or investigate fraud. For this purpose, we may consult, and enter personal data in, the incident registers and alert systems of the financial sector. Furthermore, we may also for this purpose consult public sources such as public registers, newspapers and the Internet.

For purposes of development and improvement of our products and services

In order to be able to continue to provide you with quality service, we are constantly developing and improving our products and services. In some cases, this may involve the processing of personal data, for example if you have a question about a product.

For promotional and marketing purposes

We may process your personal data for promotional or marketing purposes. For example, to inform you about a new product that may be of interest to you, or to better anticipate your wishes. If you do not wish to be contacted for commercial purposes, please contact Rabo Access Center (1500080).

Conclusion and execution of agreements with suppliers and corporate clients

If you have business contacts with Rabobank, we may process your personal data. For example to be able to ascertain that you are authorised to represent your company. Or to grant you access to our offices.

To perform statutory obligations

We are required by certain national and international laws and regulations to collect data about you. For example we are sometimes required to initiate a (further) investigation if you have certain assets or in the event of an unusual transaction in your account. Furthermore, we might be required to ascertain who the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) is of a company with which we have a relationship.

For purposes of our operations

As a financial service provider, it is important to us, and necessary, to have a good overview of our client relations. That includes knowing whether you collaborate with other parties that may pose a risk. To obtain such overview, and to take measures, we process personal data, e.g. in order to assess our risk when providing a loan and to decide whether we wish to take out insurance in that respect.

For archiving purposes

We do not collect more personal data than is necessary for the purposes set forth above. That means that they will only be used for legal proceedings, or for historic, statistical or scientific purposes.

4. Does Rabobank also process sensitive data?

Sensitive data are special types of personal data, for example data concerning physical or mental health, criminal data or racial or ethnic data.

Furthermore, we will process sensitive data only if so required by law, with your consent, or at your request.

5. How does Rabobank treat my personal data?

Your personal data are stored carefully and no longer than necessary for the purpose for which they were processed. Within Rabobank, your personal data can be used only by employees who require access to such data for the performance of their duties. Our employees are subject to a confidentiality obligation.

Your personal data may also be shared between the various Rabobank divisions and subsidiaries, but only if this is reconcilable with the purpose for which the personal data were collected and if this is compliant with other requirements following from applicable privacy laws and regulations. Your personal data may also be shared with third parties that we engage in our operations or the provision of our services. Your personal data may, both during and after processing, be subject to investigation by competent national authorities in the countries where such data are located for purposes of processing. Following are the relevant regulation related to the customer protection:

a. OJK Regulation No. 1/POJK.07/2013 dated 6 August 2013 regarding Customer Protection on Financial Services Sector.
b. OJK Circular Letter No. 7/SEOJK.07/2015 dated 27 February 2015 regarding Assessment Guidelines for Alternative Dispute Resolution Body in Financial Services Sector.
c. OJK Circular Letter No. 14/SEOJK.07/2014 dated 20 August 2014 regarding Privacy and Data Security and/or Personal Information of Customers.
d. OJK Circular Letter No. 13/SEOJK.07/2014 dated 20 August 2014 regarding Standard Agreement.
e. OJK Circular Letter No. 12/SEOJK.07/2014 dated 24 July 2014 regarding Presentation of Information for Marketing Financial Services or Products.
f. OJK Circular Letter No. 2/SEOJK.07/2014 dated 14 February 2014 regarding Handling Complaint for Customers in Financial Services Sector.

6. Can I view the personal data that Rabobank processes about me?

You may request a summary of the personal data processed about you from us. If you feel that your personal data have been processed incorrectly or incompletely, or if you feel that such processing was unnecessary, then you can file a request for editing, supplementation or removal your personal data to our Relationship Officer.

7. Who can I turn to if I have a question or a complaint?

If you have any questions or complaints about Rabobank’s processing of personal data, please contact Rabo Access Center (1500080).