Prime Lending Rate / SBDK

Prime Lending Rate

Per annum

Credit Segment         
Corporate Credit* Retail Credit* Micro Credit** Consumer Credit-
Consumer Credit*-
Non Mortgage***
11,25% 13,00% 0,00% 13,00% 14,00%

(*)  Definition of Corporate, Retail, and Consumer Credit (Mortgage and Non Mortgage) are based on Rabobank Indonesia’s internal criteria

(**) Micro Credit as defined in the Law on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

(***) Does not include Credit Cards and Unsecured Loans


1. Customer lending interest rates are based on Prime Lending Rate. Prime Lending Rate does not include the bank’s estimates on the risk premium which depends on the Bank’s assessment on debtors or debtor’s group. Therefore the customer lending interest rates may not be the same as Prime Lending Rate.

2. Non Mortgage Consumer Credit does not include lending through Credit Cards and Unsecured Loans

3. Information on the prime lending rate can be viewed at the Bank's offices and the Bank's website.

4. The prime lending rate as of September, 30th 2019.